Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tips to Quick Access to Windows 7 Functionality

The special window logo key on keyword is a magic key.If you know all the functionalities of this window key then you can do your work faster twice.In this article you will learn the hidden secrets of this magic window logo key.The Windows logo key is located to the left of the Spacebar (between the Ctrl and Alt keys) on most keyboards. It is labeled with the Windows logo, which resembles a waving flag. 
On currently manufactured keyboards, the Windows logo on the key is inside a recessed circle. This makes the key easier for keyboard users to locate.
Similarly, many keyboards incorporate raised bars on the “home keys” (the F and J keys on an English-language keyboard) to enable keyboard users to quickly locate the “home position” (the correct placement of hands on the keyboard) by touch.Pressing the Windows logo key alone or in combination with other keys enables you
to move around and work with Windows without using a mouse or other pointing device. In Windows 7, the Windows logo key enables functionality including that shown in the following table.

Keyboard shortcut Function
Windows logo key   Open or close the Start menu
Windows logo key+B Select the first icon in the notification area of the
Windows logo key+D Minimize all open windows
Windows logo key+E Open the Computer window
Windows logo key+F Open the Search window
Windows logo key+G Select or move between desktop gadgets
Windows logo key+L Lock the computer
Windows logo key+M Minimize all open windows
Windows logo key+Shift+M Redisplay the windows
Windows logo key+P Display the Projection controls
Windows logo key+R Open the Run dialog box
Windows logo key+T Select or move between taskbar buttons
Windows logo key+U Open the Ease Of Access Center window
Windows logo key+X Open the Windows Mobility Center
(portable computers only)
Windows logo key+Spacebar Make all open windows temporarily transparent
(Aero-capable computers only)


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