Monday, April 19, 2010

Tips To Delete UnDeletable Files


Are you come across in a situation when you want to delete some unwanted file in your system and it shows a warning message that you cant delete this file? If yes, and if you want to get rid of these kind of situation  then here are tips for you, just follow them:
1). Close all running applications.
2). Go to Run and type Cmd and press enter(it will open command prompt window).
3). Press Ctrl + Alt + delete and click on Start task manager.
4). Now in windows task manager, Go to Process tab.
5). In processes list, Highlight explorer.exe and click on End Process.
It will close explorer user interface(GUI).
6). Do not close task manager window leave it open, Now you should have two windows open 1 is command prompt other is taskmanager.
7). In cmd change directory to the directory which contains that undeletable file.
8). Now write Del filename and press EnteBoldr.
filename is name of undeletable file. For example here i wrote a.txt, it will delete file a.txt.
9). File is deleted now.
10). In task manager, Go to file and click on New task.
11). In new task dialog box, write explorer.exe and press enter.
12). Close cmd and taskmanager.
Its done.
File is deleted.


  1. Or just use a program called "unlocker", which allows you ti right-click on a file and select "unlocker" which then allows you to move, delete, etc. 'locked' files.

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