Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tip to restore the safely remove hardware functionality

Safely remove hardware button" is not appearing in your system and you want to safely remove a flash drive.What should you?..Here are two simple tips and tricks to get it back.
First check your past items under your notification settings of the system tray section of your task bar. 

 On a blank spot of the task bar Right click and choose Properties.
 Then on the Taskbar tab at the bottom make sure Hide inactive icons is checked and then click on the Customize button. Look under Past Items and if you have Safely Remove Hardware listed there then click on it and choose Always show.
Keep in mind that it may be as simple as the Safely Remove Hardware icon was hidden because you were using the Hide inactive icons option and you simply need to click the arrow next to the system tray to show all the hidden icons.

Second  option is to make a shortcut for the Safely Remove Hardware icon.
On desktop right click and choose New then Shortcut. 
 Type the location for this item box copy and paste in the following text.
C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll
For the name you can type in Safely Remove Hardware and click Finish.
 You can also right click the new shortcut and choose Properties and then click the Change Icon button to give the icon a different picture.
Sometimes you can click on Start and then Run and type in the same command and it will fix the original problem of the Safely Remove Hardware icon not being in the system tray by itself.


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