Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tip to make computer undetectable on a LAN network

You can hide your computer when its connected in LAN Network.For  Windows 7 you can disable or switch off  the Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder of  your network adapter which is for your  computer to be discovered and located on the network.
 To do this 
Go to  Control Panel and open up the properties of your network adapter 
Select  Network and Sharing Center and click on Change adapter settings.
Right click on your Local Area Connection or wireless connection and choose Properties.
Uncheck the box next to Link-Layer Topology Discovery Responder.

Another option is to turn off network discovery which controls whether your computer can find other computers on the network and if other computers can find your computer. Keep in mind that turning this off will make it so you can see other computer on the network as well. To do this click on Change advanced sharing settings and then go to either Home or Work, Public or Domain depending on how you originally setup your connection and turn off network discovery.


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