Monday, February 07, 2011

Tips to Start Blogging Effectively

Now a days blogging is growing very quickly on web.People are using blogs to express their feelings and sharing.Organizations are using blogs for their businesses.In this article i am writing some tips for people or organization to start their blog effectively.

So you want to start blogging..Are you ready for that just think that you have a passion and time to blog..If yes so you can start..Before starting decide what you want to blog means on which topic.For deciding topic you must set your preferences and interest.Choose the topic of your interest so you can easily share and write on that.
Once you have decided the topic the next thing comes to your mind is where to blog.There are two common and popular places to blog one is Wordpress and the other is blogger.Both are free but i will recommend blogger for new people or starters because it is very easy and totally free,whereas if you have some technical skills and want to do more customization with your blog template and layout then wordpress is the right choice for you.
Some success tips for writing blog posts content and attracting search engine and visitors to blog.

  • Write your own content and feelings
  • Write on unique and hot topics
  • Use your friends for writing for you
  • Share your blog on social media like twitter,facebook,dig,stumble etc
  • Make your blog layout simple
  • Link exchange with related blogs through blogroll


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