Sunday, February 13, 2011

Keywords placement tips in On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is now a days the most important factor of any online business because with SEO web will get organic search engine traffic.If you want your website or blog to rank for specific keyword you must first optimize your website for that particular keyword which is called On-Page SEO.Here are some good and easy tips for getting better web ranking in 2011.

1. Place your keyword in title, description, and URL
The first tip is to place the keyword you are trying for high ranking in your title, description of the page and in your URL. This will help search engines what your page is all about and to rank your pages for your keywords.

2. Try 1-3% keyword density in your articles
Density of keyword is very important.So you must use your keyword in the first paragraph of your page. Then use your keyword 1 to 3 times per hundred words throughout your article or page which  will help to get rankings for that specific keyword.

3. Use your keyword in H1 and H3 tags
Header tags are always important in On Page SEO because you are displaying a new section of text and using your keyword in your header tag from which search engines recognizes that your keyword is important and the next section of text is about your keyword.

4. Use your keyword in your anchor text
This tip is for both on-site SEO and off-site SEO. When linking to other pages from your site use your keyword in the anchor text of the link. This puts your keyword on the page again, and as a link. This may not seem like much but it will help tremendously.

5. Link to an authority site in your niche
Use this tip with tip number 4 and you will seriously help your on-site SEO. Why? Because linking to an authority site in your niche will help build credibility and trust. This is very important in search engine optimization.

Building back links to your site is also helpful for you to get rank better.If your page is not optimized properly you will not rank as well. These SEO tips will help you to rank better quickly.


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