Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Earn Dollors By Playing Twitter Games

My Photo  Are you on twitter 24/7? Well how about getting paid for following US (tG)and retweeting? That's the object of this game! Be first to retweet when we say and a check will be sent to you. 
Its free and easy.
You can also get paid for joining this website via Google FriendConnect.Game info: Follow them on twitter and when they say "Retweet: (message)", just be the first to retweet and they send a check for $3.00 to your house! Want to earn even more money? Subscribe and get $10.00 instead of $3 or join this site and be entered into free monthly drawing for $25.00!!

Did you know that once we reach 500 followers payout will be $3, at 1000 followers $5, at 5000 followers $10 and at 10,000 followers $10 + a random person wins $5!! Spread the word and dont forget to retweet this page often. 

Payment Proof of Previous Winners!


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