Monday, May 31, 2010

Hide Files Inside Pictures, Photos

Just In case if you want to hide some files, one of the secure way to hide these files is in JPEG pictures. Jpg+FileBinder is a freeware utility is able to hide files in a picture file! With this small tool, you can bind or merge 3 popular types of compressed files(.zip, .rar, .7z) with an ordinary JPEG image file, making it look like any other JPEG image file but in actual fact contains all your secret files.

Other people will only see it as an ordinary JPEG image but when you open it with a compression tool like WinRar or 7Zip, you’ll see the secret files. Hide any file, be it a secret note, a secret picture, a secret song, or anything else you can think of.
Note: Before hiding any file make sure, that you have the files you want to hide in the picture in the form of single zip, winrar or 7zip archive, in order to create a zip archive you don’t need any software in windows, just select the file and then select Send To >> Compressed Zip Archive
How To View The Hidden Files In Picture
Open the image which has the hidden files with Winzip, Winrar or 7zip and extract the archive to view the hidden files.
IMPORTANT: Please take note that this tool will not encrypt or secure your files and other users can also access the files like you if they are aware of the method. It is advisable that you encrypt the compressed file before binding for enhanced security.


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