Monday, May 31, 2010

Completely Delete iTunes and Its Files

Many users don’t like the bloated iTunes interface, but most of then are annoyed due to its slowness in every action you do with iTunes, specially If you install the new iTunes on a old windows computer, it might takes ages to to complete one action and iTunes being an apple software is so limited in action and use.
Many windows users would like to remove iTunes completely from their computer, as they already have better alternative as mp3 player like Foobar, Winamp etc.

By iTunes is a freeware program which can remove iTunes, its traces and files easily and quickly with very less user effort. This application will remove all the services created and running because of iTunes which makes your computer slow. It will also remove unes releated services, Registry keys, startup programs, files, shortcuts and directories.


This application is portable in nature so you can run it directly after downloading the program executable, it will ask for the confirmation whether you want to remove iTunes or not so that you can have your final thought about iTunes on your computer.

Note: In order to remove iTunes, this application will kill windows explorer while running and removing files related to iTunes. This tool seems to work on all windows versions, we have just tested it in windows 7 32 bit Ultimate Edition


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