Monday, April 05, 2010

Keyboard shortcuts for VLC media player

VLC is one of the common media player. It can play almost every known media format. So here are shortcuts keys for VLC media player. If you are keyboard lover, love to use keyboard more than mouse then just try these shorcuts.

* Ctrl+ Up/Down Arrow – Increase or Decrease the volume.
* Ctrl+ Left/Right Arrow – Forward or Rewind the video.
* A – Toggle video in different aspect ratios;
* C – Crop the Video;
* F – Switch to fullscreen and exit fullscreen.
* G – Subtitle delay, hitting it inserts a 50ms delay, twice 100ms delay and so on.
* H – This works as reverse process for G.
* J - Audio delay of -50ms every time you hit ‘J’
* K – Reverse of ‘J’, i.e. hit ‘K’ to get a +50ms audio delay.
* M – Mute or un-mute.
* N – Play next track from the playlist.
* P – Play the Previous track in the playlist.
* S – Stop playback
* T – Show Time played/ Time left
* V – Enable subtitles (if available).
* Z – Zoom in and Zoom out.


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