Monday, April 05, 2010

15 Tips & Tricks to Pass Zend Certification Exam

The Zend PHP5 ZCE certification is designed to test the level of knowledge and web programming of a candidate using PHP language. Before taking the Zend 200-500 exam, you should practice the following:

  • You should thoroughly understand PHP syntax, operators, variables, constants, functions, and arrays in order to achieve good marks.
  • You should practice and understand OOPS modifiers/inheritance, interfaces, and exceptions.
  • You should know how to implement static methods and properties, and autoload.
  • Practice on configuring and managing session security.

  • You should be able to perform cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgeries.
  • You should also learn how to mitigate SQL injection, remote code injection, and email injection.
  • You should thoroughly learn and understand XML basics, simple XML, XML extension, and Xpath.
  • You should also practice and understand Web services basics.
  • You should know how to implement SOAP and REST.
  • You should be able to perform string searching, replacing, and formatting.
  • You should analyze SQL queries and prepared statements.
  • You must be able to perform GET and POST data.
  • You should know how to implement cookies and HTTP headers.
  • You should practice to perform files reading and writing.
  • You must be able to learn and understand file system functions and streams.


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