Sunday, December 13, 2009

Repair Problems with Windows 7 and Vista using FixWin

If you’re a big Windows person, you’ve probably run across your share of problems right! Maybe your right-click context menu has been disabled in IE? Or maybe the Windows Media Center database has been corrupted?
If you have a problem in Windows 7 or Vista, check out a free utility that combines 50 fixes for some of the most common Windows problems.

FixWin was developed by the good man over at The Windows Club, an excellent blog on Windows topics.

fix windows problems
So what kind of problems can FixWin solve for you? Here’s a short list of ones that I liked:
  • Recover a deleted or missing Recycle Bin back to your desktop
  • Enable the Folder Options dialog from the Tools menu in Explorer
  • Restore the Windows Sidebar if it does not appear
  • Re-create Internet Explorer icon on desktop
  • Fix blurry text in IE 8
  • Repair Internet Connection and reset TCP/IP to default
  • Windows Media Player does not start or stop responding
  • Enable Task Manager in Windows when disabled by Administrator
  • Enable Command Prompt when disabled
  • Enable Registry Editor when disabled
  • Fix problems with Aero Snap, Aero Shake, and Aero Peek
Before you use the program, the author suggests you run the System File Checker utility in Windows to replace any corrupted Windows files. Then, he suggests you create a restore point before applying any of the fixes.
repair windows problems
Also, according to the author, you should restart your computer after each fix and only apply one fix at a time. Do not apply 5 fixes and then restart. Apply one and then reboot, then apply the next if needed.
Overall, it’s a great little utility to have if you ever run into any kind of problems or issues with Windows 7 or Vista. Also, what’s great about it is that it’s only 529KB and it’s portable!
Simply copy the app to your USB flash drive and you can use it on any computer, no need to install anything. Enjoy!


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