Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Increase Domain Refresh Interval

Windows refreshes the domain list whenever the workstation is unlocked, providing that the workstation has been locked for more than 120 seconds. (A user can lock their workstation by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.) On many networks, refreshing the domain list can result in a significant delay before the user regains control of their system.
This problem may be somewhat alleviated by increasing the minimum "locked time" setting
(in essence, gambling that the domain list won't have changed during that time), which you do
by modifying the following value entry (found in

Value entry: DcacheMinInterval
Typical value: 120
This entry contains the number of seconds that the system must have been locked before the
registry will force the system to refresh the domain list. Values range from a minimum of 120
seconds, the default, to a maximum of 86,400 seconds


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