Monday, May 16, 2011

Dislike Button Scam Spreading on Facebook

Experts  from Sophos have indicated  a currently circulating “Enable Dislike Button” Facebook scam.
If  Clicking on the what looks like a recently added genuine Facebook feature, users are exposed to a “Follow the steps below to get the Dislike button” instructions page similar to the one seen in the Osama Execution Video Scam.

Spamvertised as:

When  users copy and paste the spamed javascript in their browsers, all of their friends get spamvertised with a wall post about the non-existent Dislike feature. The campaigners appear to be monetizing the campaign through a survey scam.

For the time being, Facebook doesn’t offer a dislike button.

And for any such confirmation, visit official facebook blog sites rather then believing the general people.


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