Thursday, December 02, 2010

Tips for YouTube Marketing

YouTube is now a very popular Marketing tool . Many companies are promoting and broadcasting their products and brands in YouTube . Many Bloggers promote their blog and websites through Youtube Videos.You have no idea how much you can make from YouTube if you can provide informative content and gain loyal subscribers.
If you plan on starting a brand or want to promote your current one then you must include YouTube Marketing in your top list. Here are five tips to use Youtube as a marketing tool.
 1.Keep it Short and Simple
First of all, YouTube is a not used for dumping massive files. The size of the video files you can upload to YouTube is quite limited so you must keep it simple and short. Most of the visitors do not check out long and boring videos so I suggest that you do not go over 5-6 minutes. If you know your niche well, 5 minutes is a good deal; make sure you include all the important details. However, if you have a video that needs to be longer then you can simply break them into smaller segments and then upload it separately.
2.  Keep it Relevant to The Topic
For creating a successful YouTube video for marketing, you must make sure that your video clips are relevant to your niche or topic. People are constantly searching for information and videos related to your niche so make sure that you are covering your topics in your videos and include all the necessary details. A YouTube channel should focus on one niche or topic. If you want to create something on another niche then it is better that you create another channel.
For example: A music channel should have everything related to music while a money making channel should have every videos related to money making.
3.  Brand Your Content and Videos
If you are the original creator of the content then you should brand it with your name and logo along with a link to your website. Branding is very important because it gives you the credibility. On top of that, if your videos provide value then tons of visitors will share them with others. In this way, if your video is posted or uploaded elsewhere, you will still get the credit and traffic because of your branding.
There are several good tools that can help you do mark your content.
4.  Use Humor in Your Videos
Check out some of the funny videos on YouTube. Have you ever wondered why they receive tons of traffic every day? People love humor; we all love to laugh. Humor is also one of the best methods for attracting audience or a targeted group. There are several popular YouTube channels that have spread their messages across using humor in their videos. If your videos are not interesting, there is no point in checking them out. Be real and make a difference.
5.  Promote Your Videos
Now the most important part: marketing and promoting your videos. Your videos will never get seen if you don’t promote them well. Of course, unless you are a celebrity or a hotshot, in that case it’s totally different. There are multiple ways of promoting your content. First, you can email your friends and subscribers and tell them about it. You can also create several web 2.0 properties such as SquidooHubpagesWeebly and include your videos in them. Get a twitter account and a facebook fan page, do ppc, email marketing, forum and blog posting and many more. I can name tons of methods but I hope you got the point.
Always maintain quality and consistency in your work and content. Do researches about certain methods of marketing before you actually implement them. I will be providing more tips on YouTube video marketing since it’s a popular subject. Go and start making your videos, Good luck :)


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