Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Stunning Liquid Text Effect

Stunning Liquid Text EffectWith this tutorial you will take a look at how to use liquid photostocks to create the gorgeous and stunning liquid text effect can see in the screenshot above. Using some clever techniques, you will learn how-to warp liquids into a variety of shapes and how to create letters from liquids, and then add in some extra effects for a dynamic composition.
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Skin-Textured Typography Scene

Skin-Textured Typography Scene
In this tutorial, you’ll be shown how to create a 3D-looking textured text effect in Photoshop without the need for any 3D tools or applications. All you will need is the ability to create the above text effect is a good idea of perspective so that you can modify light distribution with the help of the color correction tools (Burn Tool and Dodge Tool). The techniques and concepts you’ll learn here can be used to apply any kind of texture (not just skin texture) to any text for simulating depth and lighting precision.
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Create Light Text

Create Light TextLearn how to re-create this elegant, prfessional and highly effective text effect in this very quick (only 9 steps) tutorial.
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Incredible Typographic Illustration

Incredible Typographic IllustrationIn this two-part tutorial, you’re going to learn how to bring a simple proverb into a complex typographic illustration that achieves a level of realism without actually using any photos. In the first part, you'll learn how to model your own objects in Cinema 4D and prepare them for isolation in Photoshop. In part 2, you will take all the pieces of the puzzle and finalize them.
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Embossed Text with Metallic Glow

Lost in Space Typography

Lost in Space TypographyIn this tutorial you will be shown how to create create a super quick abstract composition with light effects and apply that as a texture of text. You will be playing with Brushes, Blend Modes, basic filters (Blur and Liquify), and, of course, text.
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Atmospheric Under-Water Text Effect

Atmospheric Under-Water Text EffectHere you will learn how to create an atmospheric underwater text effect using a few simple steps. You will learn how to properly extract water, and manipulate it to fit your typography.
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Urban Type Art

Urban Type ArtThis in-depth tutorial is about giving your typography illustration a fresh touch and experimenting with traditional and digital media, mixing patterns and textures to give your work an extra personal spark. For this tutorial you will need basic Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills and some cheap watercolour paint. Afterwards, you should have acquired hands-on techniques you can use on work ranging from typography to editorial to photo manipulation.
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Distressed Vector Typographic Poster

Distressed Vector Typographic PosterFollow this step by step walkthrough of design process for the ‘Spectrum’ poster. Starting with custom made type in Illustrator, you’ll move the vector graphics into Photoshop for some serious distressing with Photoshop brushes, blending modes and more!
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How to Create Cool Water Effect Typography

How to Create Cool Water Effect TypographyIn this tutorial you will be shown how to create cool water typography effect in Photoshop playing with stock photos, blend modes and filters. You will also use some water splash brushes and smooth gradients to give a splish-splash feel to our design.
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Colorful Plexi Text Effect

Colorful Plexi Text EffectIn this tutorial, you'll learn how to create a cool looking colorful Plexi text effect. Throughout this tutorial you’ll create letters separately, getting some help from Actions.
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Retro Folded Typography

Retro Folded TypographyIn this Photoshop tutorial, you’re going to create a retro-looking text that appears as though it’s constructed using folded strips of paper. Prepare yourself to heavily rely on Photoshop’s Lasso Tool, as well as some other basic tools and simple techniques.
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Music Equalizer Text Effect

Music Equalizer Text EffectIn this tutorial you will learn how-to make a music equalizer and then apply the equalizer effect on to text using some awesome techniques.
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3D Colorful Abstract Text Effect

Retro-Style Text

Retro-Style TextIn this tutorial you''ll create a 3d text-effect and merge it into a retro-styled scene. You will need Illustrator for the text, Cinema4D for the 3D and finally Photoshop for all other remaining steps.
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Colorful Lighting Burst

Colorful Lighting BurstIn this tutorial,youe’re going to see how to create a light burst text effect with some very simple techniques, learning on the way how to use the blend section of the layer style options.
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3D Type Art

3D Type ArtThe new 3D tools in Photoshop CS5 are more advanced than ever. In this tutorial you will use the new Repoussé tool to extrude some text in a way previously only possible in a full 3D application.
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Funky Retro Wavy Text Effect

Funky Retro Wavy Text EffectYou are going to create a retro-colored psychedelic background, which you will then apply to some text. The purpose of this tutorial is to learn how to mask out an image so that it just shows through the editable text, making it friendlier to modifications later on.
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Cool Text Effect with the Puppet Warp Tool

Cool Text Effect with the Puppet Warp ToolIn this tutorial you will be shown how to create a text effect using a photo of rope and the new (CS5) Puppet Warp tool. This tutorial will only work with the CS5 version of Photoshop.
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Modern 3D Text Effect


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