Monday, September 20, 2010

Top Ten Tips and Tricks to start using Facebook For Business Benefits

Here are Top Ten Tips and Tricks on how to start using Facebook to benefit your business.

  1. Get Involved – join Facebook and set up your personal Profile (this must be in your name and not the business).
  1. Be Social – load your email address books (business and personal) into Facebook and invite everyone to become a Friend. You’ll be surprised how many are already on Facebook. While you can never have too many Facebook Friends, think carefully before accepting Friend requests from people you’ve never heard of. 
  2. It is all about Relationships – not selling! Start communicating with people on Facebook. Join Facebook Groups (such as Best Of Chester) that are relevant to your business and your prospects, and contribute in the discussion areas. Comment on items your Friends may post. Write on The Wall of new Friends.
  3. Now to Business – create a Facebook Page for your company. Make it personal – present the human face of your business. And don’t forget to link to your company website and blog.
  4. Promote it – tell everyone about your Facebook Page. Put a link on your website, email all contacts, you could even advertise it on Facebook! Encourage people to become Fans of your Page.
  5. Update, update, update – when a personal Profile or business Page is updated, all the Friends(or Fans) know. So if you have any relevant news, events, activities, whether major or minor, post it on Facebook.  And keep doing it!
  6. Learn and Improve – look at other Facebook Profiles and Pages; what could you do to make yours more interesting to your Friends? Seek advice; ask other people how they use Facebook and similar Social Networks.
  7. Add Applications – there are thousands of Facebook Applications that can be added to your Profile or Page to help both you and your visitors, including powerful business tools such as Voice Mail, Video, Slideshare, Introduction and Networking tools.
  8. Think Ahead – By now you should be building and interacting with an active community on Facebook, relevant and interested in you and your business. Start planning how you can continue to improve that community by engaging with it and contributing to it. 
  9. Add me as a Friend !


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