Sunday, August 01, 2010


Do you wanna have some fun with your photos?? Wanna put some effects on them or wanna convert them into sketches?? If yes then here you go...
To convert photos into sketches you need a software named Fotosketcher, by using this you can convert any image into its sketch in just few seconds.

Fotosketcher is a free and small but useful app which can help you to give some special effects to your pic. Once you install this app you can give different type of special effects to your photos like water-color effect , pencil effect or painting effect.

You can download this app free from internet.

Follow given steps to use Fotosketcher.

1). Open image which you want to convert into sketch.
2). In Drawing parameter window, Set various parameters to add diffrent effects in your picture. It will show preview at bottom.
3). Click on Draw it.
Its done.
Enjoy sketching...........

Click here to download Fotosketcher.


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