Monday, July 19, 2010

Tip to Reboot Windows directly into SAFE MODE

If you want to reboot directly into safe mode, you have to (yawn!) watch the computer reboot, watch the various BIOS messages, select which operating system you want to boot with, and then press F8 at the exact moment to enable the Advanced Boot menu.

But you can directly reboot into safe mode by creating this shortcut and placing it in your start menu.
Rt-click, create a new shortcut on the desktop and in the end, place it in C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Start Menu.
For the target path, use c: \ windows \ pchealth \ helpctr \ binaries \ msconfig.exe -4.
Name the shortcut as say 'Restart Options'
ALTERNATIVELY you can download and use a simple .exe utility called BootSafe .
With this utility you dont have to struggle with the F8 key or MSCONFIG.
However, when you want to leave Safe Mode and return to Normal mode, you NEED to use this program again to get a reboot into Normal mode.


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