Monday, May 17, 2010

Link Buildibg Tips for Increasing GOOGLE Page Rank

Increase Google Pagerank with SEO and LinkBuilding Tips

If you  generate and improve the quality and quantity of online traffic on your website you must follow the process of LINK BUILDING. The main purpose of link building is to increase its ‘rank’ within search engines. Increasing the visitors for your blog to appear at the top of Search Engine Results Page. Through link building can take a variety of forms. Here are some following tips given below for link building to your blog.

  • Include a regularly updated section in your blog, devoted to industry news. And if you can become one of the people to bring such news, people will be drawn toyour blog as a source. The content of your blog should be good standard and blogs would be happy to be associated with.
  • Include Comments. If you have space for readers to leave their comments,your blog will be seen to be popular with users and as good link-material. Make sure you interact with readers who leave comments and give them some incentives via plugging.
  • Subscribe to free online directories. Some of the most successful link buildingcampaigns rely heavily on free online directories as a way of exposing their blogs. Manual directory submission can be a time taking process but it can boost your web presence and your Search Engine ranks by a great deal if done right.
  • Distribute press releases. Most blogs achieve something that is newsworthy at some time, be it a particular award or the gaining of an important contract. If you think that being just a blog, you don’t have anything that is newsworthy.
  • Research your competitors: Always research and find out who they are linked to and more importantly who are linking to them. You can then approach these companies and offer to link to them.
  • Use your own contacts: If you have friends or relatives who offer a service or product that may in some way be relevant to yours, offer them a link in return for a link from them. Use your online personal to your advantage and make use of your online friends for your link building success.
  • Approaching clients and service providers: In the case of clients, if you have done a good job for them, you can ask them to link to your blog, thereby supporting the work you have done. Service providers may also wish to associate with a blog that they feel uses their products to great effect.
These are the some following tips to link building to your blog and it also may help you to become a successful blogger too.


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