Thursday, March 18, 2010

Twitter For Beginners – What Twitter Can Do For You

This Twitter for Beginners article addresses the question ‘Why use Twitter?’ Some of you newbies think this Twitter may seem quite superficial. Well, you’re wrong. You are still new to Twitter and have not thoroughly experienced the Twitter adventure yet.
Give me this chance to prove to you that Twitter is more than just saying what you want. Think of it as a quick way of sharing bits of your life in just words and a click on the update button every time you tweet. Well, you might be thinking, “Why should I use Twitter? I’m not an attention-seeker”, “What is it that makes Twitter really appealing?” So just read on, and I might be able to answer these questions for you.

It is amazing how Twitter simply makes you answer the question, “What’s happening?”, and with that simple question, you get an infinite number of responses in just a few moments’ time. Let us take note that Twitter has a 140 character limit enough for the little you have to say. It is not like most blogging sites wherein they do not have a character limit that low. Twitter was made to be SMS-friendly and is the reason for this unique blogging character limit.
If for example, you need answers or help for certain things, then ask questions or help from your followers through tweeting, and I bet that after a few minutes, more people than you expect would have replied to your tweet. With Twitter, you get instant support and news, feedback, and solutions quicker than you could have hoped for. Following news channels or people you consider important on Twitter would mean you will most likely get news on them faster than from anywhere else.
There are so many things you can do on Twitter that you probably have not thought of doing yet. You can find jobs, do some marketing or advertising, and other things that your creative mind can think of doing. You could think of it as a large forum for a group or groups of people with similar interests carrying on conversations about things they could relate with. With this, you create connections and get to know more people. And, along the way, you learn so much. You might choose to engage in new activities because of the suggestions of those who you follow, or maybe, get some tips on doing more than what you can with what you already know. You get ideas on all types of things!
Why the 140-character limit?
From the Twitter Blog: “The Twitter message limit of 140 characters was based on the limit of 160 characters imposed by SMS in general, we just needed some room to include your name in front of the message. It’s this simple constraint that allows Twitter to work well in so many places.”
Twitter has built its reputation on this popular 140 character limit. What would be the use of making it longer now? Honestly, do you need to say that much? I mean, it could take some kind of ’special’ way of expressing oneself to be able to say what you want with this kind of limit, but it is quite simple when you get used to it. Besides, the simpler and the more valuable the content of your tweets are, the more it would attract people. This Twitter for Beginners article is intended to have enlighten you and I hope that it somehow has.
Martin Sejas is the owner and creator of Twitversity, an education course which teachesTwitter beginners how to use Twitter through the use of tutorials. Download the introductory lesson for free.


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