Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Ways to get Traffic – Must do them

Success of a blog depends on the amount of reach it gets in the blogosphere. Your content should reach millions of internet users out there. Every blogger should know how to get huge traffic with their blog. Here are the top ten ways to get a decent traffic with your blog.

1] Oral Communication :-
Oral communication is the best way to bring traffic to your site, because only through verbal communication your can explain how well your website is. You can express what you are writing in your blog, how well it is organized and more only through direct communication. You can tell your friends, family, business partners, advertisers, colleagues about your website.
2] Social Bookmarking Media :-
You can get unimaginable traffic with social bookmarking sites , especially Digg , Stumbleupon, Twitter, Delicious, Reddit and more.
3] Content is Life :-
If your content is good, you will automatically get traffic. Content bring life to your blog. Try writing couple of humor posts in a week to bring readership to your blog. Keep in mind that you have to Blog daily. Post your contents daily, doesn’t mean your post should be good. Write at-least two killer articles per week.
4] Comment in Blogosphere :-
Read others blog and comment frequently. If your comment is good you will get some traffic for sure. You can also gain some readership with this. I have tried this and go great results.
5] Advertise :-
If you have some bugs , go for paid advertisements like banner placements, text-link placements, sponsored reviews etc . You can also think about PPC Advertising Networks like Google Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN), BidVertiser ,Chitika, Clicksor etc..
6] Form a Network :-
Networks can help you to promote your blog. Form a Genuine network and see how your commenting , links to the posts of bloggers and users in social bookmarking increases.
7] Search Engine Optimization :-
This is the most important step you should work on, especially if you are new to blogging. SEO optimization help your blog to become visible to all the internet users. Do proper SEO, else there will be a chance of your blog to be marked as spam.
8] Invite Guest Bloggers :-
There are lot of advantages in inviting a guest bloggers. Give your guest bloggers a free link from your blog and ask them to link you in their blog. So you both can exchange your readership.
9] Traffic Exchange :-
There are lots of traffic exchanges, give it a try. This option is feasible only if you lots of time. But this option is not recommended because you wont get quality readers. So keep this step as your last option.
10] Participate in Forums :-
Join some decent forums and help others in solving the problem with a link to your website. Your website should provide a solution for that problem, that’s important.

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