Saturday, August 08, 2009

How to show html text in blogger posts

If you are a regular blogger, than you might have faced problem when you type some HTML codes in blogger editor, than those html doenot appears as text, inspite they are functional there.

So how to embed html text in a way that it get displayed as it is in the published post and the visitors can copy the content, so here is the simple trick for that:

The main problem with blogger is it intercepts heml codes as commands in both HTML/Compose view, ie if you will type
it will not show it rather it will add a new line.

To overcome this problem you can type
as <br/> but it would become a lot problamatic and complex with a large no of tags so to help out this problem browse to the below website and type your original code there and it will give you the encoded text that you can copy on blogger to get HTML codes displayed.


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