Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How To Make Scrolling Blogger Blog Roll


If you want to make a scrolling blog roll like this one on the right side, while you don't want to to change the original blog roll setup like this one below, then you are reading the right tutorial post of Tips TECH Tricks

It is a very simple setup! Just follow my steps below and your good to have one like mine! Mine is located at the sidebar. Enjoy!

1st: Go to Edit HTML tab. Make sure you BACKUP your template BEFORE you do anything.

2nd: Make sure the Expand Widget Templates is checked.

3rd: Find LinkList with the title Blog Roll or any title you've set.
Note: Don't mind the number after the word LinkList. Numbers may varry depending on your blogger setup!

LinkList1" locked="false" title="Blog Roll" type="LinkList">

4th: Insert the BLUE TAGS.
Note: You may edit the values of the GREEN TAGS.

5th: Save!!! And you're ready to go!!!

Congratulations you now have you're Scrolling Blogger Blog Roll!!!!


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